Project 2

Today I am adding the categories and the subcategories in my project. I have made three categories mens, womens and electronics. In the Mens  category there are sub categories.


Like this I have added all the products and other categories.


Project 2

Today I have done the currency setup and other settings. Now I will show how I changed the currency setup and other settings in the Magento 2 CMS.

First Go to the settings then open the configuration page and then go to  the general settings and currency setup and change the currency to whatever currency you like and there you can allow the currencies you like.2

Then I have tried to add the categories that I need that is Mens and Electronics categories and put them as the pages in the website.


First go to the dashboard and then go to the products.


This is the category page where you can add all the category and the subcategory.

Next I will add all the subcategories what I need to in the categories page.

Note: The Magento software is very slow and it takes around 5 min to add one image to the products.

Using Magento CMS for the project

In my second project I am creating a E-Commerce website for mens and the necessary goods such as electronics. In the website the customers can buy mens clothes and the elctronics items such as laptops, mobiles, computer accesories and many more. The customers can also  create their account and sign in and buy the goods.

Now I will discuss what I did this week in my website. My website name is SnapCrowd and its anmens and elcronics E_Commerce Website.

First go to the magento dashboard and i have changed the settings to India where the currency will be in INR.



I have created the logologo1

I have also created the site symbol which is as follows:


This week I have done this much next I will be implememting more on my website.

Assignment 2

Now I am going to describe about my second project of WEB 701. i have decided to work on creating an E Commerce website using the Magento Software. First I will discuss on how to install Magento Software. First of all installing Xampp server and then installing the Magento software.Here are some screenshots on how to  install  Magento in my system.




This is the installing of Magento Software. I had some issues in installing Magento Software. Finally I installed Magento in my System.


Installing WordPress

Now I will be looking on how to install wordpress in the xampp server for the purpose of the project Wool New Zealand which I had discussed in the previous blogs on installing joomla.

Now I am trying to install wordpress on the xampp.

First step is to download the zip file.

Extract the file and copy the content of the file and paste it in xampp – htdocs.

now open localhost/phpmyadmin and create a data base called wordpresss.


Then open localhost/wordpress and follow the steps.


Here in the database I have written the same as I have written in the localhost/phpmyadmin database name.


This the wordpress dashboard after installing the wordpress.


Installing Drupal

This week I have installed drupal in my computer for the project whicch I have expalined in the previous blog on Installation of Joomla.

First step is to go to the website bitnami drupal  where I will get the drupal software to download.


Then launch the application3

The screen will come like this.